• Vision & Values



    We Build the Most Captivating

    Sustainable Communities

    in the Most Coveted Address in Cebu.


    The Heart of All That We Do.

    We commit to protect and enhance

    the environmental balance of this last piece of paradise in Cebu.

    We promise to bequeath

    our Legacy of Sustainability to the next generations.

    Genvi Quality

    Our Seal of Excellence.

    We may not be the biggest but we are the best.

    Always, we are a notch higher than the rest.

    We are all stakeholders, and we deliver what we promise -

    To our Partners, Customers, Shareholders, and our Communities.



    Family & Friendship

    We value our relationships, founded in family, nurtured by friendship.

    In trials, we give support; in triumph, we share abundance.

    Dynamism & Diversity

    We embrace and treasure the diversity of our personalities and talents.

    Despite our differences, we are driven by our shared vision.

    Consensus & Commitment

    We work as a team, our goals are one and the same.

    At the end of the day, we always commit to the company and our stakeholders.

    Excellence & Empowerment

    We are the notch higher, the extra mile, the best in what we do.

    We are productive because we are empowered, and we deliver the highest quality.

    Initiative & Innovation

    We pioneer in embedding new technologies into our master plans.

    We wait for neither trends nor opportunities to come, we create them.

    Pride & Passion

    We localize the best global standards and practices

    whilst keeping true and faithful to our Cebuano way of life, heritage and soul.

    We are the proudest proof and showcase of Cebu’s finest.


    Where Cebu grows, we are there to build.

    Where we build, we lead.

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    5/F Skyrise 2, Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City Philippines 6000 ‎

    Tel. +63 32 236 1515

    Fax +63 32 268 6279